We came 4th in our class and 7th outright in the overall results on the w/end… There were 18 MG’s at the start of the meeting… This is another very good result which we are proud of, and was due to the reliability of the car and being careful to keep our car on the track during the sometimes slipery conditions.


Preparation is the key to success in these events. The Pit Crew consisted of Manoj ‘Mani’ Arya and Mridul Chopra once again… they obviously love being involved in these events and are getting so much out of the Motorsport Program. This involves obtaining valuable work experience in a workshop environment, and in the Pits at events, which credits towards completion of the Motorsport subjects in their Certificate III in Automotive Mechanical Technology.


The help and assistance of these students in the pits is also another key to our success! Even though we take what we are doing very seriously, we still have time to enjoy ourselves and we really have a lot of fun at these events!

There were two mishaps on Sat morning… One very expensive V8 MG was written-off on the 6th lap of practice with the car going into the concrete wall on the front straight right next to me! I flagged him through to pass me on the right and he got onto the VHT left on the track by the Drag Cars a week before… he went straight-in at high speed… it was like a bomb going off next to me and I saw all this debri flying-up in the air over me, then his car started coming back towards me and I thought ‘this is it’! Lucky for me, I was traveling at about 160 kmh so I was well clear by the time all the bits of his car came to rest… The guy’s behind me copped some of it, but no one was injured. The driver of the V8 MG that hit the wall had to be cut out of the car and taken to Royal Melb Hospital with one leg brocken in ten places, a brocken hip, brocken ribs, collar bone and a punctured lung.

In the first race, 1st lap, 3rd corner, someone spun in front of the group in front of me and everyone “locked-up” … I managed to pull-up, but the MG behind went straight into the back of me causing approx $3,000.00 worth of damage… the car that hit us was out of the race, but I took a chance and kept on going… finishing 4th in class and 7th outright!

We got our lap times down to 1.13sec, this was 4secs a lap quicker than last year… we were consistantly lapping at 1.13 and 1.14 secs per lap when the track dried-out for the last event on Sunday.

We are now coming 3rd in the Championship and 3rd in our class… this is exactly were we thought we would be after the Calder round.