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Bachelor of Construction Management (Honours)

CRICOS Code: 103892B   |   Course Code: CRS1400826



This undergraduate honours program has been designed to prepare you for a professional role in managing residential, commercial, industrial or civil construction projects. Graduates will have an in-depth understanding and knowledge of the construction industry and the business aspects of construction.

AISI’s Bachelor of Construction Management (Honours) gives you the most current industry standard skills needed to excel in construction management. Graduates will also be proficient in Quantity Surveying and Property Development; this will enable you to work in other areas of construction not just the managerial side.

To demonstrate your competency and be job-ready at the final semester you will have the opportunity for work-integrated learning in job placement or a capstone project conducted in a simulated work environment. This will give you a competitive advantage amongst your fellow student peers at other Universities. Our dynamic focus on practical learning has set our graduates apart equipping you with the confidence and skills to excel.

Small class numbers are organised for blended learning or synchronous online learning. These classes are flipped to facilitate learning through class discussions and learning activities to stimulate high-level thinking. The small classes encourage building positive relations with your colleagues and the academic staff.

In addition to scheduled classes, you have the opportunities to drop-in-sessions and consultations with academic staff. You also have access to support services and counselling services to assist you in academic and non-academic issues that may impede your progress and success.

you will attain knowledge and skills to above industry standards to perform a wide range of tasks such as:

  • Interpreting architectural and engineering drawings and specifications for construction projects.
  • Coordinating human resources including direct labour, trades and subcontractors.
  • Coordinating physical resources and procurement of materials and equipment.
  • Consulting with other professionals involved in construction project delivery such as Architects, Engineering Professionals, Building Surveyors.
  • Preparing tenders and contract bids.
  • Contract Administration and site management.
  • Ensuring that the completed work satisfies the building regulations and standards of performance.
  • Meeting the construction project requirements related to quality, cost and safety.
  • Determining the construction cost and budgeting.
  • Estimating the project time and project schedule.

Location: City Campus

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English language entry requirements

  • A minimum IELTS score of 6.0
  • Successful completion of an Australian qualification at AQF level 4 or 5
  • Being a citizen of a country where English is the first language for communication

Career Pathway

As a graduate of Bachelor of Construction Management (Honours) the career opportunities below listed below (not limited to):

  • Construction Manager
  • Project Manager
  • Quantity Surveyor
  • Estimator
  • Contract Administrator
  • Registered Building Practitioner
  • Licensed Domestic or Commercial Builder

Entry requirements

  • Successful completion of a minimum of two years of study in Australia
  • Completion of an Australian Senior Secondary School Certificate such as VCE or equivalent with a study score of at least 25 in English (EAL) or 20 in any other English
  • Applicants should have completed a year 12 or equivalent level of secondary education. Applicants must be over the age of 18 at the time of commencement.

Course fees

Tuition Fees: $75,000

Application Fee: $250 (Non-Refundable)

Textbook, Materials and Resources Fee: $330 per unit

Non-Tuition Fees:
Construction Induction
Card Fee for 2021/2022 is $26.70

Fee for Service: for both international and domestic students.

As Delivered by Australian Industrial Systems Institute

Compulsory Units:

To complete the Bachelor of Construction Management (Honours) students must attain 400 credit points consisting of:

  • 350 credit points for core units (subjects)
  • 50 credit points for elective units offered in last trimester of course

All core units are equal to 12.5 credit points and elective units are equal to 50 credit points.

Therefore the 400 credit points must include the following:

  • 28 core units
  • 1 elective unit

The Bachelor of Construction Management (Honours) may be completed in less than three years by taking selected units in Trimester 2 of each year of study. This will allow for greater flexibility in your studies.

AISI has three intakes in each academic year (trimester). Please seecoulrse commencement for dates of enrolment, start and end date of each teaching periods, including exam and holiday dates. International students are encouraged to apply as soon as possible in order to successfully enrol into their desired program.


Course Duration

3 Years Full-time

Course Commencement

  Onshore Applications Closing Date* Orientation Starting Date Classes Starting Date
Tri 1 – 2022 13/02/2022 21/02/2022 28/02/2022
Tri 2 – 2022 19/06/2022 27/06/2022 04/07/2022
Tri 3 – 2022 16/10/2022 24/10/2022 31/10/2022

First Year, Trimester 1 – Course Structure:

  • BCM101 Introduction to the Construction Industry 12.5 CP
  • BCM102 Introduction to Building Laws 12.5 CP
  • BCM103 Accounting Principles 12.5 CP
  • BCM104 Technical Drawings and Communications 12.5 CP

First Year, Trimester 2 – Course Structure:

  • BCM105 Building Services 12.5 CP
  • BCM106 Property and Construction Economics CP12.5
  • BCM107 Residential Construction CP12.5
  • BCM108 Construction Materials CP12.5

First Year, Trimester 3 – Course Structure:

  • BCM109 Measurements in Buildings 12.5 CP
  • BCM110 Industrial Construction 12.5 CP
  • BCM111 Structural Engineering 12.5 CP
  • BCM112 Medium Density Residential Construction 12.5 CP

Second Year +

Second Year, Trimester 1 – Course Structure:

  • BCM201 Estimating in Cost Management 12.5 CP
  • BCM202 Professional Ethics and Practice 12.5 CP
  • BCM203 Property Finance 12.5 CP
  • BCM204 Procurement and Contract Administration 12.5 CP

Second Year, Trimester 2 – Course Structure:

  • BCM205 High Rise Construction 12.5 CP
  • BCM206 Cost Planning in Quantity Surveying 12.5 CP
  • BCM207 Construction Site Management 12.5 CP
  • BCM208 Construction Programming and Scheduling 12.5 CP

Second Year, Trimester 3 – Course Structure:

  • BCM209 Surveying 12.5 CP
  • BCM210 Sustainable Building Systems 12.5 CP
  • BCM211 Minor Research Project 12.5 CP
  • BCM212 Construction Risk and Safety Management 12.5 CP

Third Year +

Third Year, Trimester 1 – Course Structure:

  • BCM301 Building Information Modelling 12.5 CP
  • BCM302 Principles of Project Management 12.5 CP
  • BCM303 Advanced Cost Management 12.5 CP
  • BCM304 Property Development 12.5 CP

Third Year, Trimester 2 – Course Structure:

  • BCM305 Work Integrated Learning 50 CP Elective
  • BCM306 Capstone Project 50 CP Elective

Course Learning Outcomes:

Graduates of this course should be able to:

  • Employ critical thinking, judgement and research processes in identifying and solving problems in the built environment
  • Innovatively apply advanced theoretical and technical knowledge, skills and technology, in broad areas of construction management.
  • Demonstrate well-developed judgement and use of ethical standards in scholarly, social and professional contexts.
  • Apply sustainability principles and environmental consciousness to all areas of practice in construction management.
  • Reflect on and autonomously assess their performance, capabilities, knowledge and skills to continuously develop and regulate their learning and scholarship.
  • Communicate and collaborate with various stakeholders at different settings to effectively inform concepts, complex knowledge and ideas.
  • Demonstrate social responsibility, cultural awareness, diversity and understanding of the Australian mainstream community and the indigenous inheritance.
  • Class Honours:

    Completion with First-class Honours i.e. H1 requires:

  • A minimum weighted average of 75 per cent over trimesters 1 to 7.
  • An HD grade for the final trimester Subject.
  • Completion with Second Class Honours Division A i.e. H2A requires:

  • A minimum weighted average of 70 per cent over trimesters 1 – 7
  • A Distinction Grade for the final trimester subject.
  • Completion with Second Class Honours Division B i.e. H2B requires:

  • A minimum weighted average of 65 per cent over trimesters 1 – 7
  • A Distinction Grade for the final trimester.


Currently there are no articulations for entry or at the completion of this course, however Academic Credit and RPL can be granted on an individual basis.


Assessment methods include written reports, essays, oral presentations, tests, quizzes, portfolios, examinations and simulated projects.

Delivery Mode

Blended Learning Please note: During COVID-19 restriction times, the learning is predominately synchronous on-line with timetabled virtual online classes.

Entry Requirements (Extended)

Current or Recent Year 12 graduate/student:

The applicant with recent secondary education (within the last 2 years)

Completion of an Australian Senior Secondary School Certificate (e.g. VCE) or equivalent with a study score of at least 25 in English (EAL) or 20 in any other English and a minimum ATAR score of 50.

VET experience:

Applicants with Vocational Education and Training Study. Completion of Cert IV is the minimum requirement for admission. Applicants with higher vocational qualifications may apply for Academic Credit or RPL.

Higher Education Study:

The minimum requirement for admission is the successful completion of at least one subject of a higher education qualification at AQF level 5 or higher.

Applicants Work & Life Experience:

The minimum requirement for admission is a minimum of five years’ experience in construction or a related industry and successful completion of an interview.