Memo to all AISI Students

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Students are reminded that Semester 2  is due to end on Sunday the 13th December 2020 where classes will cease for the end of this academic year.

Students must ensure the following:

  • All assessments are submitted to your trainers, or to reception, in a timely manner, so that academic staff can assess, and administrative staff can enter all results into your academic progress records.  Failure to submit all assessments up to date may result in being reported for poor academic progress.
  • All fees are paid up to date, including the instalments due on the months of the Semester break, being between 14th December and 18th January 2021 for all students who are on payment plans.  Failure to make payment may result in being reported for non payment of fees or referred to a debt collector.
  • All students must attend AISI 2021 Semester 1 Enrolment Week, on the week commencing Monday 11th January 2021 for re-enrolment for the new semester of the new academic year 2021.
  • Students please note that failing to attend for re-enrolment may result in cancellation of your Confirmation of Enrolment and reporting to DHA of the same.
  • All students must note that Thursday 24th December 2020, 2.00pm is the last day that the AISI office will be open for 2020.  AISI office will reopen again on Monday 11th January 2021.
  • Students requiring leave letters or holiday verification letters for employers must ensure that these are requested well before Friday 18th December 2020 by completing a student request form at reception.

Please ensure that all assessments are submitted, all USI details are provided to the Institute and that the Institute has your updated contact details so that no notifications are missed during the vacation time.

Students are also invited to view our website where there are clear instructions on anyone who wishes to apply for the Bachelor of Construction Management (Honours) Degree program commencing in March 2021PLACES ARE FILLIING FAST FOR THE FIRST INTAKE IN MARCH so to ensure your place, especially if you are a Diploma or Advanced Diploma graduate in the field of construction, where credits may also be offered toward the degree program.


Further information can be obtained via the Admissions officeor via our websit

AISI Management and Staff wish everyone a happy and safe holiday season.